What We Do

Academia, healthcare and industry face separate but similar problems.  They need to nurture talent and cultivate the next generation of innovators, products, systems and services.

Datchet Consulting’s experience of cross-sector working has shown these borderlands to be a rich environment for innovation. It is committed to fostering the flow of ideas across cultural divides, supporting better education and training and faster development of higher quality systems and services.

Education & Training

Despite having many new ways to blend our knowledge delivery, a world of connected lifetime education and development still eludes most of us. Meanwhile employers continue to report a mismatch between their needs and the skills of new recruits.

Datchet Consulting is committed to interpreting the latest pedagogy into better healthcare and industrial training and more effective lower cost teaching, learning and student experience at university.  We are particularly keen to foster the flow of ideas across sectoral boundaries in designing, delivering and assessing new academic and applied modules.

Expertise, research and evaluation services

From beyond the campus, potential users are often unclear as to how to approach a university or exactly what it is that universities want. Conversely, many universities want to reach out to the industrial and healthcare infrastructure but are unclear how best to do so.

Datchet Consulting specialises in helping academics develop strategy for reaching out, and those in healthcare and industry to reach across to academics. The reality is that life is usually complicated and successful collaboration relies on relationships that work at more than one level, which deliver short-term and long term gains in each direction.

The interface between industry and healthcare is particularly interesting. Datchet Consulting recognises that the process engineering taking place in healthcare provides a pivot for leveraging industrial knowledge into healthcare and for spinning out sophisticate solutions for ultra-complex management scenarios to industries seeking to push their knowledge infrastructure to new levels of performance.

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