healthcare logoTraditionally, many parts of the health system have been closely linked to the academic world.  However, there are new opportunities to connect campus and health. Datchet Consulting supports health organisations seeking to forge collaboration and build strategy in the following areas:

  • Systems and services to procure value-for-money products and services based on lifecycle return and not simply on price.
  • Structuring thinking in process redesign and innovation, typically as an early step toward involving the Cumberland Initiative.
  • Integrating technology strategy with service development plans, particularly where information systems are concerned.
  • Identifying experts for evaluation, research design, or process audit.
  • Structuring requirements for talent management, identifying suitable providers and ensuring that the training needs are appropriately specified and fulfilled.
  • Organisation Development

Organisational Development, Personal Development, Training and Exec Ed

Above all else, healthcare is a knowledge sector and the gains of research and organisational learning must eventually be embedded in education for the next generation.

Datchet Consulting can help healthcare organisations to structure their requirements into learning outcomes and requirement specifications to focus their learning needs. It can also help to catalyse the development of modules to be delivered by subject experts (from inside healthcare) and academics.


A key element of future care delivery will rely upon small groups of patients, carers or care deliverers being able to generate evidence around their practice and articulate their case for better care through that evidence.

Datchet Consulting can work with stakeholders to identify their needs and to plan appropriate research into methods and approaches, data collection and so forth.

A major current challenge is to redesign the processes of care and thus transform delivery systems and service provision. Datchet Consulting acts as a doorway to the Cumberland Initiative, which has been set up to focus on service design.

The Cumberland Initiative

The Cumberland Initiative LogoThe Cumberland Initiative provides advice and bespoke modelling services to Chief Executives and other Chief Officers of Trusts, CCGs and other health organisations. Its flexible approach enables a management team to set up service scenarios based on its vision and experience.

By modelling its preferred possible options each scenario can be tested and the vision refined. This develops the best design specification and also yields metrics for post-implementation evaluation and troubleshooting; in turn, this takes huge levels of risk from an entire project in its cycle from inception to completion. In particular, the use of models to prototype services prevents unintended consequences by studying a wide range of service responses in the model.

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