Founder’s Statement

The grass is rarely greener on the other side, but it is longer near the fence, and Datchet Consulting is about life along the boundary.

I have spent my life between disciplines and cultures, opting for a joint honours degree and crossing from industry to university at the start of the millennium. While in industry, I was drawn to academia as a supervisor, purchaser of student-written software and member of research panels.  As an academic, I focused on applied, cross-disciplinary, research and sought to draw clinicians and business people into the activities I inherited or built. Interfaces are things I understand from both sides, and where I feel most at home.

The interface is where the most interesting problems are and where fewest people have trampled the patch.  And the interface is often where the future begins.

Datchet Consulting is my latest trek along the interface and I’m happy to help guide to those in university, a company, or delivering healthcare who want to make better use of what is just over the fence.

The one exception to this borderlands approach is pedagogy – the business of teaching, learning, assessing – which I came to fresh halfway through my career.  My guess is that some part of the future of lifelong learning will explode from within this space, so I am keen to work with those who are also passionate about it and to pass on what I little I know.

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