Key Questions

Academia, healthcare and industry face separate but similar problems in nurturing talent and cultivating the next generation of innovators, products, systems and services.

Datchet Consulting’s experience of cross-sector working has shown these borderlands to be a rich environment for innovation. It is committed to fostering the flow of ideas across cultural divides in support of better education and training resulting as well as faster development of higher quality systems and services.

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What do we offer?

Cross-campus strategy for Research and Enterprise with local health partners and industry.
Planning for teaching and learning, including assessment, blended learning, tracking and dashboards.
Developing training modules for healthcare & industry.

Strategy for Trusts, CCGs and Health organisations, including charities
Problem structuring to decide how and where to engage with universities and/or industry
Value-for-money in procurement and a route into the Cumberland Initiative for service design.

R&D strategy, including technology planning, vision events and roadmaps.
Healthcare strategy including value-for-money thinking, research methods, partnerships, etc.
Product strategy and migration, including into and out of healthcare.

Why is this needed?

Terry Young
Terry Young

The grass is rarely greener on the other side, but it is longer near the fence, and Datchet Consulting is about life along the boundaries between academia, healthcare and industry.

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